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I run a one name study on the name Baughan and its variants (in spelling). These include Baughen, Baughn, Baugham, Bauffin, Baffin, Boffin, DeBaughn, DeBaughan, Banghan and Bangham. The study has worldwide coverage.


The Vision of Britain website provides maps and information about places in Great Britain; it does not provide information on individuals. An article, produced in the Oxfordshire Family Historian, uses Great Rollright (a centre for Baughans pre Parish Registers) as an example of this website, and is a very useful background.

The following are links to some articles and pages associated with the one name study.

Births, Adoptions, Marriages, Deaths
Graves and Monumental Inscriptions
Parish Records


A Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) page answers some of the usual questions that arise about the one name study.

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