England & Wales BMD update 20 April 2012

I’m in the process of updating the England and Wales Birth, Marriage and Death data to cover up to 2010 or 2011. The 2011 data is issued only as a temporary index.

Caryl and I spent 2 Saturdays just writing down the info. I’ve spent most of this week entering the data and trying to match the records with existing families.

I’ve been able to match most of the death records. There are a larger number of marriages where I haven’t been able to identify the Baughan etc. partner; this is sometimes because there are similar named people.

The births are much more of a problem. Sometimes it is because I haven’t been able to identify the partner (the mother’s maiden name is given). Sometimes there are mothers that have the same surname, marry a Baughan etc. (with the same spelling) and live in the same registration district. There are some mothers that are not married (or married outside of England and Wales) and register the child under Baughan etc. but have different maiden names – these could also be where there is a previous marriage. Plus of course there are a number of ‘single’ mums.

I’ve added some lists on the webpage at http://baughen.co.uk/EWBMDhigh2.html and highlighted the problem records. I would be grateful for any further information that would help identify the individuals.

I will try to add the records to the search data in the next week or so.

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