Royal Holloway College

Yesterday in the UK was part of Open Heritage Days. Various places which may not be open to the public normally are opened up. We took the opportunity to see the Royal Holloway College near Egham. This college is part of the University of London. It was opened in 1886 and up until about 1965 it was Female only. Therefore it was one of the first to open for ladies. In those days you had to have money and in fact many of the students had servants. Mind you, in the first year there were only 28 students (Oxford had 30).

Photos from the visit can be found at
Of particular interest to Baughans is the fact that Blanche Edith Baughan was a student in the 2nd year it was opened. She became well known as a poet and authoress and emigrated to New Zealand. She wrote a number of travel guides/books, was a mountaineer and was a Prison Reformer. I’ve included photos of the college register with her entry.

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