Family History – New Zealand Voters 1853 – 1981

The following is taken from a new webpage I’ve set up on my website – go to – click on ‘Elections’ which produce a list of documents  select ’New Zealand Electors 1853 – 1981’.


Ancestry have released Electoral Rolls for New Zealand covering the period 1853 – 1981. These include images from the list. The amount of detail varies depending upon when the list was constructed. There are a number of original errors and transcription errors but I have tried to rationalise them so that they have the right name. I’ve produced a large sized report in PDF format that shows which years individuals appear in the lists and the associated area. Where there are gaps currently I haven’t worked out if this is down to missing registers, not appearing on the lists or other errors. A number of people appear in more than one area for a year; the most common reason for this is that the people have moved from one place to another. For some years there appears to be more than one list produced.



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