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England & Wales BMD Registrations

Birth, Marriage, Death and Adoption registrations for England and Wales used to have a centralised set of indexes. However since 2006 this has been devolved to the local Registration districts. Some Registration Districts have made their indexes available (see the UK BMD site for more detail) but others have not and hence there is less data available. There are differences in the index references used both centrally and locally so there may be differences. Overseas registrations are usually made when made via Consulars. The following pages show the data I have from 1993 to the current date. I do have the entries from 1837 (where applicable). The latest data may have a temporary index and this case the data is not included in the search.

Some entries may appear in more than 1 year depending upon what happened during the registration process e.g. a birth in 2006 may not have been registered until 2007.

The following lists are a snapshot of my working documents. I’ve highlighted some data that I have been unable to fully match i.e. who the parent is/parents are. If you are able to supply more information please do contact me at .

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