Rosa Baughan (1829 – 1911)

Allibone: A critical Dictionary of English Literature Supplement

Shakespeare’s Plays. Abridges …  1863

Character indicated by Handwriting, with illustrations    “The Bazaar”: London 1877

        Second Edition enlarged    L.U.Gill: London 1886

        Third Edition revised and enlarged   W Rider & Son: London 1919

Chirognoancy; or, Indications of temperament and aptitudes manifested by the form and texture of the thumb and fingers    G Redway: London 1884

The Handbook of Palmistry Third Edition revised  G Redway: London 1885

        Sixth Edition  G Redway: London

The Handbook of Physiognomy  G Redway: London 1885

The Influence of the Stars; a book of old world lore illustrated   G Redway: London 1889

The Leather Work Book: containing full instructions for making and ornamenting articles so as to … imitate carved oak   “The Bazaar”: London 1875

The northern watering places of France. A guide for English people to the holiday resorts on the coasts of the French Netherlands, Picardy etc  “The Bazaar”: London 1880

Two Love Stories. A Christmas Gift Book  William Poole: London 1878

Winter Havens in the Sunny South. A complete handbook to the Riviera, with a notice of the new station, Alassio “Bazaar”: London 1880

also wrote “A wasted life” (advertisement in last book)