May 20 2019

Nuffield Place

Last Friday, on the way to the Fine Arts Trade Guild workshops in Stratford upon Avon, we stopped at Nuffield Place ( ), Oxfordshire. Some photos from the visit can be found at .

Lord Nuffield established the Morris Motor Company (e.g. Morris Minor) in Cowley, Oxfordshire. Although he became rich, he and his wife seem to have lived in modest circumstances. He seemed to be very benevolent and among his generous gifts he supplied iron lungs (for polio victims etc). He was responsible to establishing Nuffield Clinics and Hospitals.

May 12 2019

Leonardslee 2019

On the suggestion of a friend we went to Leonardslee Gardens, Sussex ( ). As you can see, in my photographs at the flowers were absolutely gorgeous. There were huge numbers of visitors but I managed to exclude most of them from the photos.

If you decide to go it is cheaper to book on line rather than pay at the entrance.

May 05 2019

Nymans May 2019

We paid another visit to Nymans Gardens ( ) today. Some pictures from the trip can be found at . Some of the photos are taken in the nearby woods. By the way, the first and the penultimate photos show what is normally known as a paper handkerchief tree.

There are photos from previous visits to Nymans in earlier entries of my Blog.

Apr 29 2019

Chawton House, Surrey

Yesterday we visited Chawton House, Chawton, Surrey ( ). It was the home of Jane Austen’s brother and is not far from the Jane Austen museum. Some photos can be found at