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Frequently Asked Questions

The following are Frequently Asked Questions about the Baughen One Name Study.


Table of Contents

  1. What is a One Name Study ?
  2. What names are included ?
  3. Is the data shared?
  4. What does it cost ?
  5. How can I converse with others?
  6. Where do the Baughens etc. come from?
  7. Why are there variants?
  8. How is the name pronounced?


What is a One Name Study ?

A One Name Study is the collection of data of all people that share the same identified surname. One of the objectives is to link as many individuals together and show common ancestry.

The Baughen One Name Study has a worldwide coverage.

It is registered with the Guild of One Name Studies (GOONS).

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What names are included?

The name Baughen can be spelt as

BAUGHEN , BAUGHAN , BAUGHAM , BAUGHN , BAUFFIN , BAFFIN , BOFFIN , DEBAUGHN and DEBAUGHAN. The 'u' is often interpreted as a 'n' and therefore the spellings of BANGHAM and BANGHAN are collected; it is unclear whether there are any other connections.

For the American lines it is known that the name can also be spelt BOUGHEN , BOUGHAN, BOUGHAM and BOUGHN. The Baughan DNA project is also researching the connection with VAUGHAN and VAUGHN.

There are other variants but these are not included except where there are known discrepancies.

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Is the data shared ?

The vast majority of data held is available in the public domain. It can be shared with people with a common interest in the name. It is not intended for general publication in either hardcopy or electronic form.

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What does it cost ?

The One Name Study involves no direct costs (other than those paid by myself).

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How can I converse with others ?

A newsgroup has been set up for communicating with others sharing this interest. To subscribe to the group send an email to with the subject subscribe and no content (if you wish to just receive a digest version do the same but email to Once you have joined you send emails to . These are then sent to everyone that has subscribed to the newsgroup.

It costs nothing to belong to the newsgroup other than your time and email resources.

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Where do the Baughens etc. come from ?

I'm sure there is no single answer. There have been numerous proposals etc. and there are various surname dictionaries that state certain origins - but nothing consistent.

From my research in England the following areas are the centres of concentration:

BAUGHEN Oxfordshire
BAUGHAN Oxfordshire, Warwickshire, Herefordshire
BAUGHAM Shropshire, Staffordshire
BAUGHN Wiltshire
BAUFFIN Oxfordshire
BAFFIN Oxfordshire
BOFFIN Oxfordshire
DEBAUGHAN Wiltshire, Yorkshire
DEBAUGHN Wiltshire, Yorkshire

Boffin is the earliest located reference (Oxfordshire - 13th Century).

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Why are there variants ?

One hundred and fifty years ago education levels often depended upon who you were. Those that could write put down names as they heard it. Therefore someone living in Bloxham, Oxfordshire in 1850 could have their birth registered under one spelling, their christening or baptism under another and appear in the 1851 census under another.

Then there are the clerical errors - how often has your mail been addressed incorrectly?

The DeBaughn and DeBaughan variants changed from Baughn and Baughan making it sound as though they came from France or the Low Countries. Whether this was a fashion statement or was the origin has yet to be established.

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How is the name pronounced?

Phonetically the name Baughen is pronounced 'bawn'. This is in the BBC Pronounciation guide (the former Bishop of Chester Michael Baughen regularly appeared on BBC radio).

A great deal still depends upon where you live. In Bloxham the name Baughen and Boffin are pronounced the same and to my ear sounds more like 'borefin'.

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