Cliff Baughen

Lives in World War 1

The website 'Lives of the First World War' helps to bring details of people involved int the First World War together. I have extracted the results of various searches (based on the One Name Study variations) from their website and matched where possible the details on my data base. I've produced reports of the individuals that have been identified and these can be viewed by first selecting the name identified in the search results. This will produce more details of the person. Clicking on the 'Name known by me' field will produce the extracted report (PDF format).

There are various discrepancies of which the name spelling is the prime one. There may be two or more individuals (according to the website) who are in fact one person. The website tends to give just one 'Service and Unit' and one 'Service Number'. However if a person served in more than one 'Service and Unit' he could have more than one 'Service Number'; Unfortunately the website tends to have the wrong mix.


Click on the Rec No entry for further detail.

Rec No

Name as in Lives of the First World War website


1 Acting Company Serjeant Major Edward A Baughan
2 Acting Corporal Albert P De Baughn
3 Acting Corporal Alfred H Baughen
4 Acting Corporal Victor F Baughan
5 Acting Serjeant Christopher J Boffin
6 Acting Serjeant Robert Baughen
7 Acting Staff Serjeant Rowland C Baughan
8 Acting Warrant Officer Class 2 Frank E Baughan
9 Alfred S Boffin
10 Assistant Sergeant Major R A Baughan
11 Battery Serjeant Major Ephrain James Boffin
12 Bombardier F Baffin
13 Bombardier Harold D Baughan
14 Captain D H Bangham
15 Captain Harold Lawrence Bangham
16 Clarence Edmund Boffin
17 Corporal Acting Serjeant J Baugham
18 Corporal Ernest Bangham
19 Corporal Francis E Boffin
20 Corporal Frederick Bangham
21 Corporal Harry Baughan
22 Corporal Herbert T Baughan
23 Corporal Percy Baughen
24 Corporal William J De Baughn
25 Corporal William John De Baughn
26 Dispenser Mary Ruth Baughan
27 Driver William H Baughan
28 Ephraim James Boffin
29 Frederic Baughn
30 Groundsman Arthur Co Bangham
31 Gunner Albert Boffin
32 Gunner Alfred J W Baughan
33 Gunner Arthur Bangham
34 Gunner Arthur Baughan
35 Gunner Charles A Baughan
36 Gunner Charles B Baughen
37 Gunner Frank Thomas Baughan
38 Gunner Frederick C Boffin
39 Gunner Henry Boffin
40 Gunner Horace J Baughn
41 Gunner N H Baugham
42 Gunner Percy Baughan
43 Gunner Sidney J Baughan
44 Gunner Thomas R Bangham
45 Gunner William H Baughan
46 Harold Roy Baughan
47 Lance Corporal A E Baugham
48 Lieutenant F J Baughen
49 Nurse Katie M Emma Bangham
50 Pioneer George O Baughan
51 Pioneer Thomas Bangham
52 Pioneer Thomas Baughn
53 Pioneer Walter H Bangham
54 Private A Baughan
55 Private A Baughen
56 Private Acting Serjeant P Boffin
57 Private Albert E J Baughan
58 Private Albert Edward Baughn
59 Private Albert R Baughan
60 Private Alfred G Baughan
61 Private Arthur A Banghen
62 Private Arthur G Boffin
63 Private Arthur W Bangham
64 Private Benjamin J Baughan
65 Private C E F Baughan
66 Private Cecil H Baugham
67 Private Cecil Henry Baughan
68 Private Charles A Baugham
69 Private Charles F Baughan
70 Private Charles H Baugham
71 Private Charles Henry Baughan
72 Private Daniel Baughan
73 Private E A Baughan
74 Private Edward T Baughan
75 Private Edwin C Baughan
76 Private Ernest A Baughan
77 Private Ernest Baughan
78 Private Ernest C Baughen
79 Private F Baughan
80 Private Francis Harold Boffin
81 Private Frank Henry Baughn
82 Private Frank W Baughen
83 Private Frederick Baughan
84 Private Frederick Baughen
85 Private Frederick W Baughan
86 Private George Bangham
87 Private George Baughan
88 Private George Baughen
89 Private George Baughn
90 Private George T Baughan
91 Private George W Baughan
92 Private Gerald W Baughan
93 Private H Baughen
94 Private H G Boffin
95 Private Harry Baugham
96 Private Harry Baugham
97 Private Harry Baughan
98 Private Harry Baughan
99 Private Harry Boffin
100 Private Harry G Boffin
101 Private Henry A Baughan
102 Private Henry Banghan
103 Private Henry Baugham
104 Private Henry De Baughn
105 Private Henry E Bangham
106 Private Henry R Baughan
107 Private Henry R Boffin
108 Private Horace L Baughan
109 Private Jack John Baughan
110 Private James E Boffin
111 Private James G Baughan
112 Private James G Baughan
113 Private James Thomas Baughan Moon
114 Private Jas J Baughan
115 Private John A Baughan
116 Private John A Baughen
117 Private John Baughan
118 Private John Baughan
119 Private John Baughn
120 Private John H Boffin
121 Private John P Bangham
122 Private John T Boffin
123 Private John W Baughan
124 Private Joseph Bangham
125 Private Joseph Baughan
126 Private Joseph Boffin
127 Private Joseph Boffin
128 Private Joseph T Baugham
129 Private Louis W Baughan
130 Private Maurice L Baughan
131 Private Percy A Baughan
132 Private Percy Baughan
133 Private Peter Boffin
134 Private R H Baughan
135 Private Reuben H Baughan
136 Private Robert H Baughan
137 Private Ronald Baughan
138 Private S H Baughan
139 Private Sidney H Bangham
140 Private Sidney J Baughn
141 Private Stanley C Boffin
142 Private Thomas Baughan
143 Private Thomas Boffin
144 Private Thomas F Baughan
145 Private Thomas H Baughan
146 Private Thomas H Baughan
147 Private W Baughan
148 Private W F Bangham
149 Private Walter Boffin
150 Private Walter F Baughan
151 Private Walter H C Baugham
152 Private Walter H C Baughan
153 Private Walter James Boffin
154 Private Walter S Baughan
155 Private William A Baughan
156 Private William A Boffin
157 Private William Baughen
158 Private William Boffin
159 Private William Boffin
160 Private William H Boffin
161 Private William John Baughan
162 Sapper Albert V Boffin
163 Sapper Charles Baugham
164 Sapper Francis G Baughan
165 Sapper Leopold E Baughen
166 Sapper Thomas Baughan
167 Sapper Thomas Edward Boffin
168 Sapper Thomas W Baughan
169 Second Lieutenant Alfred Gordon Baughan
170 Serjeant /Temporary Staff Serjeant Major C Baughan
171 Serjeant Arthur E Baughan
172 Serjeant Garnett Baughan
173 Serjeant John Bangham
174 Serjeant Leonard G Boffin
175 Serjeant Robert A Baughan
176 Serjeant W A Baughan
177 Serjeant William A Baughan
178 Temporary Warrant Officer Class 1 Charles Baughan
179 Transport Warrant Officer Class 1 Chales Baughan
180 Warrant Officer Class 1 Herbert Baughen
181 Albert Baughan
182 Joseph William Baughan
183 William Henry Baughan
184 George Edward Baughan Redway
185 Frederick George Baughen
186 James Plowden Baughen
187 Walter Sidney Thomas Bangham
188 Robert James Percy Baffin