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I run a one name study on the name Baughan and its variants (in spelling). These include Baughen, Baughn, Baugham, Bauffin, Baffin, Boffin, DeBaughn, DeBaughan, Banghan and Bangham. The study has worldwide coverage.

The Vision of Britain website provides maps and information about places in Great Britain; it does not provide information on individuals. An article, produced in the Oxfordshire Family Historian, uses Great Rollright (a centre for Baughans pre Parish Registers) as an example of this website, and is a very useful background.

The following are links to some articles and pages associated with the one name study.

A Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) page answers some of the usual questions that arise about the one name study.

Births, Adoptions, Marriages, Deaths

England and Wales BMDs and Adoptions since 1993 England Flag Wales Flag


Distribution of name 1841 to 1911 Wales Flag Scotland Flag England Flag
LDS 1881 Census Discrepancies England Flag
1911 England & Wales Census - a 'One Namer' experience England Flag Wales Flag


Baughan DNA Project Globe


2002 UK Electors UK Flag
New Zealand Electors 1853 - 1981 New Zealnd Flag


Passengers arriving in UK UK Flag
Passengers departing from UK UK Flag
Ellis Island extracts USA Flag


1997-8 Wills and Letters of Administration Wales Flag England Flag
Wills and Letters of Administration Globe

Graves and Monumental Inscriptions

Canadian Cemetery extracts (PDF) Canadian Flag
Commonwealth War Graves Globe

Law and Justice



Lives in First World War Globe
Militia Attestations UK 1806 - 1915 UK Flag
Servicemen/women around World War 1 UK Flag
Servicemen/women who gave their lives in WW1 and WW2 UK Flag
US Navy Musters 1938 to 1949 USA Flag
UK Merchant Navy Seamen 1918 - 1941 UK Flag
UK Silver Awards 1914 - 1920 (new 11/11/2011) UK Flag
USA WW1 Registration cards extraction USA Flag



Parish Registers



Blanche Edith Baughan - Authoress and Prison Reformer UK Flag New Zealand Flag
Edward Algernon Baughan UK Flag
Harry or Henry Percy Baughan - A life of Motor Cycling UK Flag
John Baughan - First Fleeter UK Flag Australian Flag
Michael Alfred Baughen UK Flag
Rosa Baughan UK Flag
William Baffin UK Flag


Aston, Oxfordshire - Aston Pottery England Flag
Birmingham - Baughan House England Flag
Bloxham, Oxfordshire - Bloxham Broadsheet June 2003 England Flag
Bloxham, Oxfordshire - photographs of Harry Baughen England Flag
Great Rollright, Oxfordshire - photographs England Flag


Publications which may be of interest Globe
Publications on Baughens etc. Globe
Publications by Baughens etc. Globe


Banbury Historical Society England Flag
Guild of One Name Studies Globe
Oxfordshire Family History Society England Flag
Society of Genealogists Globe



Trades and Occupations

British Postal Services Appointments 1737 - 1969 UK Flag
UK Railway Employment 1833 - 1963 UK Flag

There are several newsgroups, Facebook pages etc. which may help communicate with others researching Baughens etc. A list can be found on the Genealogy Communications page.