Cliff Baughen

UK Silver Awards World War 1

Ancestry have made available records relating to UK Silver Awards 1914 - 1920. The Silver War Badge became a true mark of honour during World War I. It was given to injured and ill servicemen to show they had done their duty.

There a few transcription errors plus some original errors.

Please contact me if you require further information. Images of the records are available via Ancestry but as noted above may not match their index.


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Rec No Name
0001 A. Baughan
0002 Cecil Henry Baughan
0003 Edward A Baughan
0004 Francis G Baughan
0005 Frank Thomas Baughan
0006 Frederick William Baughan
0007 Geo. Oliver Baughan
0008 Harry Baughan
0009 Leslie Horace Baughan
0010 Percy Baughan
0011 R. H. Baughan
0012 Thomas Baughan
0013 Walter H. C. Baughan
0014 Wm. John Baughan
0015 Frank W. Baughen
0016 Fredk. Baughen
0017 Robert Baughen
0018 Albert Edward Baughn
0019 George Baughn
0020 T. Baughn
0021 Arthur Geo Bangham
0022 Frederick Bangham
0023 Heny Banghan
0024 Albert Boffin
0025 Christopher James Boffin
0026 Francis Harold Boffin
0027 Joseph Boffin
0028 Joseph Boffin
0029 Thomas Edward Boffin
0030 Walter James Boffin


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