Cliff Baughen

US World War 2 Navy Muster Rolls, 1938 - 1949

Ancestry in conjunction with the USA National Archives have made available records relating to US Navy Muster rolls and associated reports of changes for US Navy enlisted personnel who served on US Navy ships or in other naval activities between 31 January 1938 and 31 December 1949.

There are over 900 images related to this one name study. There quite a number of transcription errors plus some original errors. I've extracted the records and have tried to link the records belonging to the same person (helped by the Service number). To keep the information compact I've produced here a list of named people, the range of dates, the number of images I have downloaded for them and the associated Service number (where applicable).

Please contact me if you require further information. Images of the records are available via Ancestry but as noted above may not match their index.


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Rec No Name
0001 Albert Alton Baughn
0002 Alphus Baugham
0003 Arthur E Baughan
0004 Aubrey Baugham
0005 Aubrey Irvine Baughan
0006 Benjamin Franklin Baughn
0007 C R Baughn
0008 Calvin Baughn, Junior
0009 Caman B Baughan
0010 Cecil A Baughn
0011 Charles Howard Baughn, Junior
0012 Clifford Forrest Bangham
0013 Clifford P Baugham
0014 Curtis J Baughn
0015 David Burns Baughan
0016 Donald Franklin Baughn
0017 Douglas Truman Baughn
0018 Eddie Idolphus Baughn
0019 Edgar Cayce Baughan, Junior
0020 Edward E Baughan
0021 Edward Landay Baughan
0022 Edwin Luther Baugham
0023 Elam Arnold Baughan
0024 Ernest James Baughn
0025 Floyd Willard Baughn
0026 Harry Crovatt Baughn, Junior
0027 Harry Philip Baughn
0028 Horace E Baughan
0029 Jacob Daryl Baughan
0030 James Clinton Baugham
0031 James Edward Baughn
0032 James Herman Baughan
0033 John Andrew Baughn
0034 John H Baughn
0035 John Marshall Baughn
0036 John Ruffin Baugham
0037 Kenneth A Baughan
0038 Lawrence Leland Baughn
0039 Lewis F Baughan
0040 Lloyd Gobalet Baughn
0041 Lonie Elijah Baughan, Junior
0042 Marvin Lemuel Baughn
0043 Morris Reed Baughan
0044 Newton Leon Baughn
0045 Norman Arleigh Baughan
0046 Norvel Wilbert Baughn
0047 Norwood Elliott Baughan
0048 Oram Orlando Baughn
0049 Oram R Baughn
0050 Orvell William Baughn
0051 Oscar Earlie Baughan, Junior
0052 R E Baughan
0053 Ray Willie Baughn
0054 Raymond Baughn
0055 Raymond Charles Baughn
0056 Raymond V Baugham
0057 Richard E Baughan
0058 Robert C Baughn
0059 Robert Louis Baughan, Junior
0060 Robert W Baughan
0061 Roger Franklin Baughn
0062 Roy Leonard Baugham
0063 Stanley Baughan
0064 Thomas Richard Baughn
0065 Thomas W Baugham
0066 Troy Baughn
0067 William Floyd Baughan, Junior
0068 William Herman Baughn
0069 William Miller Baughan
0070 William Tucker Baughan, Junior
0071 Wilmot T Baughn


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